Strata provides a wide array of in house landscape construction services including but not limited to steel work, masonry, paving, rough grading, retaining walls, site preparation, planting, sport fields and courts, excavation, basic utility installation, drainage management and dirt work. We work on both high end residential and commercial projects. We work diligently to incorporate a broad range of scopes in an effort to streamline the building process.


Landscape maintenance services are fundamental in keeping a well built project looking good long term. Strata Landscape strives for the highest level of property management services including mowing, edging, chemical applications, clean up and basic enhancements. We maintain high-end residential estates as well as a broad portfolio of commercial properties.


Water management is an important aspect of every landscape project. We have limited water resources and in turn practice due diligence during installation to ensure our systems work as designed. Where appropriate we endeavor to keep areas native there by minimizing the overall irrigation impact. We install new systems from the ground up but can also retrofit existing irrigation components.


Landscape lighting often adds the finishing touch to a broader project. We take pride in our lighting expertise and work to provide our clients with unique nighttime lighting experiences. We tackle simple pathway lighting projects with just a few fixtures but can also install broad property wide systems for any type of residential estate or commercial property.

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Pool design and installation go hand in hand with the development of a homes landscape. We pride ourselves on the design and implementation of simple and elegant pool concepts that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding exterior environment. Strata provides turnkey pool installation and is currently working to develop a maintenance group for long term upkeep.


Managing the health and appearance of the trees in our landscapes is an important part of the service package that we provide. We handle light to medium duty tree care service and for larger jobs can bring in Certified Arborists to ensure that the existing tree canopy on every project is well taken care of.


  • Green Garden Certified – Austin
  • ROW License 115949 – Austin
  • Licensed Irrigation Techs – Texas
  • Licensed Irrigators - Texas
  • OSHA 30 – Texas / Federal

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Installing 17 of these large live oaks out along Lake Austin just past the Steiner Ranch area next week. 200 gallon and pushing 19' height. Not too shabby. . .

Strata is working with J Pennelli GC, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects and Miro Rivera Architects on this urban dwelling in downtown Austin. We’re self performing the 1/2” steel retaining walls and other steel elements, concrete walkways, sand blasting, excavation, trellis structures, gabions as well as a slue of other item yet to come.